What will your small step for change be?


About The Smallest Steps

We know the statistics. We’ve heard the stories. And now we’re asking, what can WE do to end violence against women? 

the smallest steps provides some answers through the interconnected stories of four women, each beginning their own journey to end violence against women in Canada.

With Victoria’s decision to pursue family law, Jade’s steps entering the legal world after articling, and Sheri and Ashley’s participation in a national gender equality initiative, this documentary provides a glimpse into how ordinary women are working towards extraordinary change.

This documentary is being created on unceded Algonquin territory.

The overarching goal we want to achieve with the smallest steps is to increase the number of people like YOU who are actively participating in ending violence against women in Canada.

That’s why we’ve focused our energies on trying to equip you with important anti-violence knowledge, elevate the voices of established anti-violence organizations and individuals, and activate your passion to advocate for a world free from violence! Connect with us on social media learn about the organizations and the resources you’ll need to get active in this movement.

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The Cast


A driven young member of the Métis Nation of Ontario (ancestral roots in Red River, Manitoba) with a love of soccer and a deep commitment to her community, Jade has always been passionate about working in grassroots organizations.

As she comes to the end of her articling period, she prepares to find a job as a lawyer representing survivors. But when she discovers she has failed her bar exam, she must make a difficult choice amidst mounting student loans: Continue towards becoming a lawyer, or seek a new path for ending violence against women?

Sheri & Ashley

On the other side of the legal world, Sheri and Ashley--outdoor enthusiasts, mothers, and hard-working employees--are both survivors of violence.

After finally settling into their newfound freedom, they are ready to dedicate their energy to supporting other survivors. But as they participate in a national gender equality initiative, they quickly learn how triggering it can be to be a survivor doing anti-violence work.


Victoria, a vivacious young woman with a passion for musicals and a desire to fight climate change, entered law school unsure of what legal career she might choose. But after a fellowship with Leighann Burns, an Ottawa Family Law lawyer working specifically with women who have experienced family violence, Victoria feels she might have found her calling. Before she can enter her desired career representing survivors of violence, she must first pass her bar exams and test her mettle through a year of articling.

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What will your small step for change be?

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