This Canada Day...

It's time to change how we "celebrate" Canada day. Activists featured in the graphic: Top left - Alanis Obomsawin, an Abenaki filmmaker. Bottom Right - Sheila North Wilson, the First female Grand Chief of MKO
June is National Indigenous History Month and “Canada” is finally confronting en masse the truths of our colonial history, and the past and present injustices faced by Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island. While Indigenous histories under colonization have been fraught with pain, Indigenous people are also resilient. They have never stopped fighting for their inherent rights.
This “Canada” day, we encourage all settlers to change how you celebrate. First, we encourage you to take time to learn more about Canada’s colonial history. Here are some resources to get you started:
And second, we highly encourage you to celebrate the important contributions and accomplishments of Indigenous peoples across Turtle Island! 
And of course, we encourage you to do your own research into the history of colonization and Indigenous resiliency!