'the smallest steps' Premiere a Success!

Adding our action ideas to our activist actions banner at our September premiere in Ottawa.

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the smallest steps successfully premiered to an incredibly engaged audience. We hosted our screening and post-screening Q&A at University of Ottawa’s LabO theatre, followed by a vibrant networking session at Ottawa Art Gallery’s Jackson Café!

The post-screening Q&A was one of the most engaged Q&As I’ve ever witnessed. Even before our skilled moderator, Dr. Natasha Bakht (University of Ottawa Professor of law and the Shirley Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession (2020-2022)), began, two audience members already had their hands up! Questions were thoughtful and added depth to our discussion, not only about activist tactics and actions, but also about navigating the work of ending violence against women during a pandemic, and beyond.

Natasha moderates our post-screening Q&A in September 2022. (Photo: Carla Ayukawa)

After the screening, folks enjoyed a selection of beverages and snacks catered by woman-owned business Good Grazes while networking with each other as well as representatives from CALACS, DAWN Canada, Shelter Movers Ottawa, and the Archives and Special Collections Unit of University of Ottawa. The night was rife with connections: The anti-violence organizations established initial connections that could lead to project partnerships — like archiving the stories and materials of Francophone activists. Attendees also connected, both with each other as well as the activists present, to learn about events and opportunities to engage, like CALAC’s Sept. 22 Take Back the Night!

Other activities during the reception included a photobooth, a “meet the activists” passport doorprize activity, and an activist actions wall where people could learn about past action and add some ideas of their own! Some of the ideas that were added to the banner included:

  • Document your protests
  • Stand up for yourself and the women you love
  • Believe survivors
  • Start a book club
  • Listen
  • The moment in time when we no longer have to say #MeToo is on the horizon — continue to act up, use your voice, and love yourself
  • Share your story. Start the ripple
  • Join a take back the night march every September!
  • Make affordable housing the standard.
Chatting with Omar Dabaghi-Pacheco from CBC. (Photo: Doug Rotar)

CBC also covered our event, which has led to folks reaching out about hosting screenings in their communities and at their schools! Want to host a screening too? Visit our Screenings page to request one in your community!

Overall the night was a huge success! Special thanks to our event supporters: University of Ottawa’s Shirley Greenberg Chair for Women in the Legal Profession, the University of Ottawa’s Archives and Special Collections Unit, the Digital Arts Resource Centre, and the Ottawa Art Gallery.

A shout out also goes to our film supporters, without whom our film would not even exist: Our stalwart Indiegogo supporters and private donors, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, the City of Ottawa, the University of Ottawa’s Shirley Greenberg Chair for Women in the Legal ProfessionRebel.com’s ChangeMaker Program, and Sarjesa Inc.