'She Is Your Neighbour' Podcast Features Survivors & anti-VAW Experts!

"I think we need to stay informed and think about our responses [to witnessing violence] because we could prevent many of the deaths that we're seeing in our communities."

We’ve recently learned about a wonderful new podcast project created by the Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. The podcast is called She is your Neighbour, and it features the stories of survivors alongside episodes with experts in anti-violence research, activism, and advocacy.

So far, the podcast has completed 3 seasons and is in the midst of their 4th! Every season focuses on a different overarching theme:

There’s so much to learn from this podcast. We definitely encourage you to check it out: SheIsYourNeighbour.com

Below, you can learn more about the project through their short documentary and by following their social media channels!

About The She Is Your Neighbour Podcast:

She Is Your Neighbour is an awareness project and storytelling series created by Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region. The project explores the realities and complexities of domestic violence by sharing stories from people of all walks of life.
Through the podcast and prevention series, the intersectionality of domestic violence is highlighted. The podcast’s goal is to increase awareness, build understanding, and shift public perception so domestic violence is viewed as a societal problem that everyone has a role in ending.
The shame and stigma surrounding domestic violence can make it difficult to talk about, but this won’t change unless we have difficult conversations.
The reality is domestic violence is happening; it impacts people in all neighbourhoods and we all have a role a play in ending domestic violence.
To learn more about She Is Your Neighbour or to listen to the podcast at SheIsYourNeighbour.com or listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or anywhere else that podcasts are found.
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