'the smallest steps' has a new poster!

Thanks to the graphic talents of our Technical Producer and Graphics Supervisor, Doug Rotar, the smallest steps now has a beautiful new poster that will be the face of our film going forward!

Capturing the essence of activism to end violence against women (VAW) for our poster was quite challenging. What does activism to end VAW even look like?

Of course, it’s easy to think about picket signs and protest marches, but in our film, activism includes writing briefs for legal advocacy, speeches at conferences, petitions, policy development, and more. How do you capture that in an image that says “activism” on first glance? Add on top of that the challenge of choosing an image that indicates activism to end VAW without invoking stereotypical images or trauma porn?

In the end, we figured it out! We decided to pair the historical picket sign with an image of protest marchers taking steps forward (towards change!) while also pulling in the colours of the anti-violence movement — orange and purple. What do you think?

Our new poster!