'the smallest steps' has Distribution!

The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre logo
We are so excited to announce that the smallest steps is now part of the Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre (CFMDC) catalogue (just search the smallest steps and our film will pop up)!

Established in 1967, CFMDC is a not-for-profit, non-commercial media arts distributor. They are a PERFECT distribution partner for our film, especially since they operate based on the following principles and values:

  • That artists should be paid for their work.
  • That art drives change, challenges conventions, and transforms lives.
  • That part of their role is to advocate for critical space outside the mainstream for artists’ works.
  • That it’s important to advocate for voices rooted in community that disrupt dominant discourse.
  • And that exploring opportunities to build community, encourage dialogue and reach new audiences is fundamental to their work.
The English version of our film (with subtitles & closed captions!) can now be licensed through CFMDC for private, public, and festival screenings with the French version soon to follow. Licenses can also be purchased by libraries, schools, and post-secondary institutions for educational purposes!
To get your copy, all you need to do is email bookings@cfmdc.org!
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Get a copy to screen as part of your courses!


(and many more!)
“…your film was absolutely incredible. I’m still processing how powerful it is!” – Darryl Callcott, Filmmaker & Festival Programmer
“The film is amazing – sad and hard and moving. The content is very powerful and put together so beautifully.” – Diana Majury, Professor and anti-VAW activist
“Congratulations again on a most timely film. It is important in many ways – captures a critical period in Canadian history, deals with intersectionality, human rights, First Nations and other critical issues.” – Government of Canada Employee