If you haven’t heard, protests and marches are taking place around the world this week in response to the police murder of George Floyd in the US (read more here), the suspicious death of Regis Korchinski-Paquet in Canada (read more here), and police violence against Black people in general.

The only response I have is this: I cannot stand for ending violence against women if I do not also stand for ending violence against all marginalized and oppressed individuals. Black. Lives. Matter. Period.

I will attend upcoming Ottawa-based marches organized and supported by the Black community, and I will continue to do the work of educating myself on anti-racism and the ways in which I can support an end to inequality and oppression. Whatever form YOUR protest against inequality and oppression looks like, I encourage you to DO IT.

Here’s a starting list of resources and organizations (in no specific order) compiled by others that may help you get started. Consider supporting the organizations with a contribution if you can. As I am not an expert on anti-racism work, I encourage you to suggest other resources in the comments below!



Nicole Bedford